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html & css coding,
you do love.
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17th-Jan-2008 05:49 pm - bit of html help!
So, I'm working on an informational website. And I hand-code. I started using the < pre> tag so that I wouldn't have to type < br> or < p> after every bullet point. Only problem is, I love tables and I want to put my information inside a table. And I can't figure out how to make the text wrap. Because of the pre tag, no matter what pixel width I set the table to, it goes to the length of the longest line of text, and this is bothersome.

So. Any idea how to make text wrap within a set of pre tags?
23rd-Jul-2006 12:30 am - HELP!!
Me and a friend have decided to open a community, but i have no idea how to make the info page like this http://community.livejournal.com/trainwreckkk/profile with an application box, background, links and everything. ive searched eveeeerywhere online for help and haven't found a thing.

Do you have any idea? I'd appreciate the help soooo much.

Thank you!!

8th-Jul-2006 02:10 pm - how do you do this?
This is more like a question for a website. I'm trying to mimic what the links down the right of this site do- obviously with different images and colours and what not, but for the life of me can't figure it out. Maybe I'm just over looking a simple code- I mean i'm not the best at HTML/XHTML but i know enough to make a simple site. Any help is appreciated, thank you!
27th-Jun-2006 10:06 pm - Coding Help
I am looking for help with a drop down menu for this page I am creating. I just cant get the code right.. and am soooo frustrated. I hope someone can help me.

On my site: http://sphotography.net I have one on my landscapes button... and I want to do the same kind on this page I created: http://sphotography.net/flashCB/test/index1.html
I didnt create the one on my page so I am at a loss now when trying to do it for this other page. Hope someone can help.

27th-Jun-2006 09:48 pm - Coding help
I am working on a web site, and I need it to have a dropdown menu for the gallery button. I tried to copy and paste the code from what I had made one mine to this one.. but its not working. I need some help.. The links are below


http://sphotography.net <- my site.. the drop down is with landscapes
http://sphotography.net/flashCB/test/index1.html <- is the site i need help with
14th-Jun-2006 06:57 pm - questions//MOD POST
fob: patrick groovy striped shirt
Ok, posting is open. So, start asking your questions.

As for tutorials, I want to know what everyone wants to learn. So, I need everybody to:
-tell me what they think should be addressed in the tutorials
-what should be addressed first
24th-Apr-2006 04:39 pm - the basics
hp: ronald weasley &quot;bother&quot;
Okay, to get his community started, I'm gonna go ahead and start off with the basics. Just a basic explanation of what HTML & CSS are, because, trust me, that'll help you out a lot later on. So, lets begin with the basic explanationCollapse )

I will have a test webpage just for this community, and it will be kind of a visual aide, so that you can have a better understand of what HTML/CSS does and the ways it affects your webpage. I highly recommend that you get your own test webpage, so you can test out new codes, play with them, etc. A good place to get a free, easy-to-use, webpage is here. The webpage I will be using for testing codes is located here.

Then, feel free to email me or comment on the entry.

23rd-Apr-2006 02:14 pm - welcome
hp: dumbledore&#39;s naked

welcome to htmlcsslove.

  • don't forget to follow the rules.
  • this is where you can make suggestions for the community;
  • you can also request to be a mod,
  • or an affiliate
  • also, leave any of your promotion shizznit here.
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